Monday, January 7, 2008

False rumors about registering for VA benefits by january 17

False Rumors about registering for Veterans benefits by Jan 17, 2008 it's bogus


REGISTER FOR VA BENEFITS -- Disregard any email

or blog post that tells vets they must register

or re-register at the VA by Jan. 17.

Story below:


by Larry Scott

Maybe I'm just getting grumpy in my old age...but sometimes I wish we had "The Stupid Police" who could round up those who shouldn't be allowed near a computer keyboard.

We have a perfect example of this.

Appearing on blogs and in emails is a dire warning to veterans to sign up for VA benefits before Jan. 17, 2008...or else.

Disregard this information if it comes your way!

There is no deadline!

This is a perfect example of someone taking old information, adding there own two cents...and coming up with complete garbage.

It appears they found out that on Jan. 17, 2003 (note 2003), the VA cut off enrollment to Priority Group 8 veterans. These are vets with no service-connected conditions and whose income is above a certain threshold. That enrollment ban is still in effect.

So, some idiot added 2 + 2 and came up with 5!

They must have got dates confused...and assumed this was going to happen in 2008.

Not so! There is no 2008 deadline because this deed is already done.

Again...if you see this information...please disregard it as false... and try to get out the correct message to veterans.


posted by Larry Scott
Founder and Editor
VA Watchdog dot Org

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