Thursday, January 17, 2008

to the people who read this thank you

I check the statistics page and see that I have a lot of people from places of higher learning from the University of California System to M.I.T., there are many readers from .gov offices, even the that read this blog on a regular basis.

I thank them to me that indicates I am putting a wide range of news that relates to veterans and their families in one place where the things that matter to veterans and their advocates can easily be located.

I read and am on Colonel Dan's mailing list, I search the internet, online newspapers, etc for all the news that relates to many veteran and might impact many of us. I have a few people that send me tips from inside the beltway which I greatly appreciate to give me heads up on upcoming hearings or bills that will be hitting the floor of the house or the Senate.

I do not disclose anyone's identity, unless they request it, I know what I print is accurate and welcome tips that would help me inform veterans or their families on issues that pertain to them.

if you feel like sharing tidbits of info that your office is working on to help veterans or their families or active duty military I would be glad to learn of it and your identity would be perfectly safe or post it to one of the posted diaries as anonymous.

I was thrust into being a veterans advocate out of necessity, I became totally disabled due to my military service and my power chair limits my activities these days.

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