Friday, February 1, 2008

China pays atomic blast participants

China pays atomic blast participants -Xinhua

BEIJING, (Reuters) - China has started paying "subsidies" to participants in its past nuclear test explosions as part of a general rise in welfare for former military staff, state media reported.

China exploded its first nuclear test device in 1964 and continued test blasts until 1996, when the government announced a moratorium on the programme based in the far western region of Xinjiang.

But only now has China said that people close to the radioactive explosions have begun receiving subsidies.

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The Minister for Civil Affairs, Li Xueju, said "participants of nuclear tests", military and civilian, had begun receiving the payments from 2007, the official Xinhua news agency reported late on Saturday.

The ministry handles some of China's welfare policies for former soldiers.

China shrouds its atomic weapons programme in secrecy, and it is unclear what prompted the announcement or whether the payments cover medical costs for civilian residents and military personnel possibly affected by the blasts.

But in recent years, retired military personnel have petitioned and sometimes protested, complaining of poor job opportunities and welfare after they have left the People's Liberation Army.

Li said that last year the government allocated about 1 billion yuan ($139 million) to help former soldiers open businesses or receive job training, Xinhua reported.


Mike I am sure that you saw this but, if not take a look. How F**ked is that. A fricken communist country paying its vets. But these mf here don't give a crap about us.

This was an e mail from a fellow Edgewood test vet alerting me to the story about China compensating their population for exposures to nuclear tests that they did not even stop until 1996, America stopped exposures in the early 1960s and have attempted to clean up the Pacific islands where many of the tests took place, but the veterans have fought tooth and nail for compensation from the VA and many are still fighting for service connection for cancers and other medical problems related to radiation.

It's a shame when China can care for it's veterans better than the US does, don't you think?

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