Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HOMELESS VETERANS » Community gives lip service to vets

Opinion on Homeless vets

In reading the News-Leader and listening to the television newscasts it is apparent to me that about all anyone wants to do about the "homeless veterans" is to pay lip service to giving them any assistance whatsoever. There appears to be one person that would attempt to do something for them and everyone seems to be fighting him all the way.
The people that are against allowing them a decent place to live, especially for what they have done for their country, have the mentality of a very ungrateful population that are living in nice homes, making several thousand a year, paid for by the taxpayers, and having plenty of food to eat and warm clothes to wear. Either they are too stupid to remember what these people have done for them as a group or really could care less. These people lived part of their lives in the mud, grime and filth of a foreign country. Why should they be relegated to the same in their own country?

Everyone has labeled them as trash without even giving them a chance. It appears that the people that are most against this location for them to live are those that probably never served one day of their lives in the military or if they did it was probably behind a nice hardwood desk, in a nice warm building, or in a nice climate. People wonder how the veterans become what they are, it is because of the way they are treated by our nation.


Senator John Edwards emphasized their plight, Bill O Reilly ridiculed him for it and claimed they didn;'t exist and when forced to admit they did exist he blamed it on them for drug and alcohol abuse, he obviously doesn't know anything about PTSD and self medicating with whatever the vets can get ahold of, legal or illegal. The demons in the braisn of these veterans don't care what puts them at bay, booze, legal prescriptions or illegal drugs, just anything that will give the vets a few hours without the demons tearing their minds apart.

I know because I am one of them, unlike mosy of them I have a supportive spouse and have stopped drinking after 35 years and the only drugs I take nowadays are prscribed by VA doctors, all kinds of them, mood stabilizers, anxiety, sleeping pill s etc, it has taken afew years but I no longer feel like a zombie, I am aware of my surroundings which is an improvement.

But the VA treatment is a double edged sword if you are drinkingor using illegal substances,they refuse to admit you to treatment until you have been clean for 90 days, none of the PTSD vets I know can last 90 days without something booze or drugsto help them cope, so the hamster wheel comes into play, want help quit, can't quit, can't get no help.

This is one screwed up system is all I can say

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