Friday, May 23, 2008

Brave New Films and veteran issues

Dear Michael,
It's been a remarkable week for us. Thanks to your activism in spreading our videos and getting the word out about our campaigns, we've had tremendous success on several fronts:

Because of you, John McCain was compelled to reject the endorsements from bigoted pastors Rev. John Hagee and Rev. Rod Parsley today! We've been working with David Corn of Mother Jones for a while to tell the truth about McCain's pastor problem, since the corporate media wouldn't. By passing that video along, you helped us catch the media's eye and pressure McCain to reject those hate-filled endorsements—something that should have happened a long time ago.

Also because of you, the GI Bill for the 21st Century passed 75-22. Congress saw beyond John McCain's hypocritical, unfounded objections and is going to provide our vets the educational benefits they deserve.
passed the Senate yesterday with an overwhelming majority,

From the outset, we recognized McCain's hypocrisy in refusing to co-sponsor this bill. And so we teamed up with WesPAC and Vote Vets to create a highly successful campaign that generated over 35,000 signatures! Clearly, this proved to be an effective way to pressure Congress.

Another way you've made a real difference is in promoting The Real McCain 2, which has received an astounding 1 million views since we launched it last Sunday! If you haven't already done so, check out this immensely popular video and pass it to your friends and colleagues. It's the only way to get the truth out about McCain.

Finally, our $3 trillion virtual shopping spree has caught fire! It has drawn 1.4 million shoppers, hit #1 on YouTube News and Politics, and received praise from all over the Internet. This fun online game where you try to spend $3 trillion (what the Bush administration has spent on the war) has also attracted celebrity shoppers like John Cusack, Laurie David, Gloria Steinem, Phil Donahue, and even Michael Bailey.

But while 1.4 million is a tremendous number, our ultimate goal is to get 3 trillion shoppers! John Cusack, star of the film War, Inc. which opens tonight in LA and NY, is assisting us in that endeavor with this contest:

Whoever can get the most people to fill out a shopping cart by emailing their cart or sending a gift certificate, will receive a real gift certificate for free movie tickets to War, Inc. (Contest ends Memorial Day at midnight ET)

War, Inc. satirizes war profiteers, who in real life have made millions while the American public faces an Iraq War Recession. According to Cusack, "KBR, Halliburton and the other war profiteers have made out like bandits in Iraq, while taxpayers and their own workers get screwed." By going to see War, Inc. and playing the $3 trillion shopping spree you help connect the dots between the Iraq War, its profiteers, and our ailing economy.

But our work is far from over. The Bush administration continues to plunge us further into this Iraq War Recession; the corporate media continues its blind love for McCain; and Bush has already vowed to veto the GI Bill, despite the fact that it would make him the first president in history to deny benefits to vets.

Please become a $10 monthly subscriber, and help us continue creating the hard-hitting, accurate reporting that the corporate media won't attempt.

Have a pleasant Memorial Day!

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Team

Brave New Films is committed to providing high quality political videos for free so they can be easily shared. Please support our work by becoming a monthly $10 subscriber. You can receive our latest videos on iTunes, Facebook and YouTube here, and it's always easy to stop receiving videos. Brave New Films is located at 10510 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232 and

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