Saturday, June 7, 2008

Entire NZ Gov apologizes to Vietnam Veterans.

New Zealand Government Apologizes to their Vietnam Veterans and Families

Entire NZ Gov apologizes to Vietnam Veterans.

The links below document the formal apology by the New Zealand Prime Minister and both Parties of government for lack of recognition and lack of recognition by prior administrations of herbicide damages for their Vietnam Veterans, as well as their families.

The links take time to down load.

New Zealand Prime Minister

The National party’s response it at:

Minor party responses are at:

{Thanks to Australian Vietnam Veteran Rifleman “Bob Gibson” - Vietnam Vet 67-68 for sending the links.}

While our own nation historically has been less than stellar in its admittance of "all" herbicide damages both to the Veteran and his family as well; and the interference of previous administrations in recognizing known facts. In fact, history demonstrates White House directed interference and a congress that would not address the issues even though they admitted the facts in published house reports such as HR 101-672. … The Agent Orange Cover-up: A Case of Flawed Science and Political Manipulation. Yet, still nothing was done and very little has been done today in the admittance of all the facts and outcomes using various "less than transparent" methodology.

HR 101-672 was released in August 9, 1990 and the flawed science has finally been fully documented that Ranch Hand Study the so called “gold standard” was so flawed and so many wrong assumptions were made it missed an entire doubling of cancers associated to the single dioxin, TCDD. We at this point have no idea with the flawed assumptions what other statistics were driven towards null and still being used as denial tools by VA/IOM.

However, as bad or “less than stellar” our own government has been in its treatment and recognition of Vietnam Veterans it pales in comparison with the treatment of the New Zealand Government and their lack of recognition of even have been exposed. Denying that fact for over 40 years.

While it is too late for many New Zealand Veterans to see vindication and recognition of honorable service; I can only hope that their Vietnam Veterans and their families can finally take some solace from these total government apologies and admittance of prior government transgressions against the most noble of all citizens of any Nation.

My congratulations to Lindsey and all the New Zealand Vietnam Veterans and their families in their hard fought battle for recognition and hope that at least mentally they can find some comfort in vindication after over 40 years of struggles.

My opinion only…it is too bad our own government and others as well do not have the same intestinal fortitude in their convictions as the New Zealand Government in admitting their mistakes and previous transgressions for which their Veterans paid dearly.


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