Saturday, November 1, 2008

Physical Disability Board of Review

Physical Disability Board of Review

Service members who have been medically separated since September 11, 2001
will have the opportunity to have their disability ratings reviewed to
ensure fairness and accuracy.

The new Physical Disability Board of Review (PDBR) will examine each
applicant's medical separation, compare DoD and VA ratings, and make a
recommendation to the respective Service Secretary (or designee). A
disability rating cannot be lowered and any change to the rating is
effective on the date of final decision by the Service Secretary.

To be eligible for PDBR review, a service member must have been medically
separated between September 11, 2001 and December 31, 2009 with a combined
disability rating of 20 percent or less, and not found eligible for

There are significant differences between this new PDBR review and a Board
for Correction of Military (or Naval) Record (BCMR/BCNR) review. These
differences are outlined at (attached) and will also
be on the application.

While the Air Force is the lead for the PDBR process, case tracking and
reporting, a joint service board will conduct the evaluation and review of
each case. Applicants will not be able to appear in person, but may include
any statements, briefs, medical records or other supporting documents with
their application. After the document review is completed and a final
decision is made, each applicant will be notified of the decision and any
further information regarding a change of rating.

Pending final approval, the application form should be available on the MHS
Web Site ( on or about December 1, 2008. Applications
will be accepted immediately thereafter.

Please refer to the FAQ document at
(attached) for more information about the Physical Disability Board of

You may contact the PDBR intake unit at the following address:

550 C Street West
Suite 41
Randolph AFB, Texas 78150-4743

Please keep in mind that this office cannot discuss the merits of your
application. You may wish to contact your local veterans' service
organization for advice or guidance.

The DoD Instruction on the PDBR process is available here: (also attached).


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