Monday, January 26, 2009

The World War I Memorial Foundation

The World War I Memorial Foundation

In 2017 the United States will commemorate the centennial of its entry into World War I. Nearly 5 million Americans served during the war, and 116,561 Americans died in defense of democracy overseas. America’s support of its allies in World War I marked the first time in this nation’s history that American soldiers went abroad to defend foreign soil against aggression -- and it marked the true beginning of “the American century.”

Yet while the later conflicts of the 20th century - World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War -- rightfully have national memorials on the Mall, there is no such memorial to “the Great War,” even though more Americans gave their lives in World War I than in Korea or Vietnam.

In 1931 the residents of Washington, DC dedicated a memorial to the 499 residents of the District of Columbia who gave their lives in that war. That memorial now sits neglected and in disrepair, along the Lincoln Reflecting Pool between the World War II and Korean War Memorials. It is often overlooked by residents and visitors to Washington.

On March 6, 2008, Frank Buckles, the last surviving American veteran of World War I, visited the DC War Memorial. He called for restoration of the memorial, and for its rededication as a National and District of Columbia World War I Memorial.

The World War I Memorial Foundation was formed to make Frank Buckles’ dream a reality. The mission of the Foundation is to raise funds for the restoration of the DC War Memorial, and to sponsor and secure legislation for the re-dedication of the site. Legislation has been introduced in Congress, and the Foundation has begun raising funds to establish a true national memorial.

Please help honor America’s veterans of World War I, by writing your Congressman and Senator, contacting your local chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion, and by donating generously to the National World War I Foundation.

From: David DeJonge
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 3:46 PM
Subject: World War One Memorial proposed for National Mall...

Hi Col. Dan:

My name is David DeJonge and i am the President of the WWI Memorial foundation (DC). I am wondering if you could rally for our cause by alerting as many people as you could about the fight for a memorial on the national mall? Frank Buckles (Americas last WWI veterans) has made it his last fight to bring honor along side of the other great veterans from the wars of the 20th century in our Nations Capitol. We have set up the following website with information about the cause:

Congressmen Ted Poe from TX has introduced a bill (HR 482) to get things started. We are looking for people willing to activate and mobilze to request their congressmen sponsor the bill and sign it into law before Mr. Buckles dies, he turns 108 in one week.

Here is another video on the cause:

I thank you for your service to our Nation.


My father Melvin Lathrop Bailey was lucky he served in the 7th Calvary D Troop from 1914-1916 with my Uncle Gideon at Camp Douglas, Arizona, he went on the Mexican Punitive March after Pancho Villa under the command of WW1 hero General Black Jack Pershing, yes all memorials to the men of the military of the past should be kept and in repair

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