Thursday, February 5, 2009

One of Myrick's co-writers is Wesley Clark Jr.,

snip: Blair Witch' man's next project: A spooky `Objective' Myrick's
latest, "The Objective," may get a little more attention. It's played
some festivals and is scheduled as a midnight show at the IFC Film
Center in Manhattan, on Friday and Saturday; it's also currently
available as an on-demand selection on pay-per-view cable.

It's not bad, either (despite a kind of muddled third act).
Emphasizing atmosphere over shock effects, it's the story of a U.S.
unit in Afghanistan, who go on a strangely secret, CIA-led mission to
locate a tribal leader. And while there are the usual firefights and
ambushes, there's something else out there in the desert, too -
something that they can't see, but can very definitely, and fatally,

Myrick relies a lot on things that worked before in "Blair Witch" -
people disappearing in the middle of the night, strange wooden
totems, even an annoying character obsessively documenting it all.
His cast - drawn mostly from former soldiers - has a real
authenticity to it. (One of Myrick's co-writers is Wesley Clark Jr.,
son of the famous general, which probably helped add to the realism.)
And the film has a true sense of unease.


General Clark is one of my favorite Generals of all time I served under him twice once when he was a Colonel at NTC and then again when he was a BG as Commander of NTC. I am glad to see his son is doing well.

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