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Agent Orange used at Eglin in 1960s

Yes. During the testing phase of Agent Orange, use tests were carried out at
Fort Detrick, Maryland, Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, and Camp Drum in
New York. Other testing was also conducted in Thailand in the early 1960's.
Typescript: Herbicide Orange - Range C-52A, Eglin
AFB, Florida
Partial reprint

Air Force Admits Agent Orange Spraying In Florida In 1962-70

By Barbara T. Dreyfuss
In the 1960s, Ernie Rivers taught Navy flight students at the Pensacola
Naval Air Station how to live off the land if their plane was downed. He was
the officer in charge of the survival unit, overseeing 30 to 35 instructors,
who taught more than 100 men a week how to survive with only a compass, map,
and a hunting knife. Every week groups of students would camp for three
days, using different sites on Eglin Air Force Base Reservation in Florida.

When the winds and clouds were right, Rivers and his men would watch planes
pass overhead, clouds of spray coming from them. Several times he and his
men were sprayed. "I'd say, 'At least we don't have to use bug repellant,'"
he noted, laughing, during an interview. That was a big plus, they thought,
for them as well as Army Rangers who were also training out in the bayous of
the Florida panhandle, where mosquitoes and other bugs could make life

Rivers and the students thought they were watching the Air Force spray DDT
to kill mosquitoes. What was actually being sprayed, he said, was Agent
Orange. Documents show that gallons of the defoliants Agent Orange, Agent
Purple, and Agent White were sprayed at Eglin. In fact, according to
officials overseeing the program, the Air Force sprayed a test area on the
base with more dioxin than any similar area in Vietnam. The fact that Agent
Orange was sprayed in Florida for eight years was not widely known then or
even today. Only in the last several years has the documentation on the
spraying been made publicly available by Alvin Young, an Air Force scientist
for more than 15 years at Eglin. Young oversaw a huge research project
evaluating how massive spraying of Agent Orange at the Florida air force
base affected its soil, water, plants, fish, and animals.


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You guys know anything about herbicide use and storage at Eglin?


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I did not know that a storage site existed at Eglin AFB. Seems that
malformed wildlife have been sighted, that there are significant numbers of
malformed humans born of parents stationed at Eglin. I would also think that
the zone of danger extends well beyond that "roped off"site. Superfund site?
Naw! US govt can do what it damned well pleases. Dan Cedusky may have some
info re Eglin and hazmat. S

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