Monday, March 30, 2009

Homeless Veterans Could Get Home of Their Own

Homeless Veterans Could Get Home of Their Own

Isaac Paul Vasquez - KFOX Weekend Producer
Posted: 8:09 pm MDT March 30, 2009
Updated: 8:24 pm MDT March 30, 2009

EL PASO, Texas -- The housing authority of the city of El Paso approved a plan to help homeless veterans find a place to live.

The Shelter Plus Care Veterans Lodge Program will provide more than $400,000 in rental assistance to chronically homeless disabled veterans.

Along with housing, veterans will also get counseling to help with any mental, drug or alcohol problems. “So they get the shelter plus the care that they have earned and deserve and need to regain self-sufficiency to lead happy and productive lives," said representative for the Housing Authority of El Paso Shane Griffith.

Homeless veterans must be referred through the V.A. To schedule an interview call 564-6159

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