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National Association of Atomic Veterans

National Association of
Atomic Veterans

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Thanks James,Colonel Dan, The information and support is greatly appreciated.

Check the links below.I am well aware of how hard the fight is. I am also a member of NAAV.

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Subject: [VeteranIssues] FW: Southbury 'atomic vet' fights for recognition of illness

Southbury 'atomic vet' fights for recognition of illness

By Robert Miller, STAFF WRITER

Posted: 04/04/2009 02:31:25 PM EDT


The above are some links about the nuclear Cold War exposures my step father was used in the above ground data gathering at nevada test site and he could never tell our family about the tests until just before his death and I didn't learn I could tell him about my use in the chemical weapons and drug experiments at Edgewood Arsenal in 1974. The government uses National Security threats to keep stuff like this quiet for decades, but all the premature deaths and disabilities pushed it all open eventually.

The VA and DOD still manage to deny most of the veterans compensation due to the fat we can't "prove" our exposures caused our medical problems, how much radiation is safe? How much Sarin and Mustard gas is safe? How much LSD is "safe" how much of the 254 substances they used at Edgewood were "safe"? We will never know because a lot of the information is still classified and DOD and the Army are sitting on it.

Also they manage to avoid a lot of the stuff in the NAS/IOM studies, they know how to word the contracts to the IOM, and so far they have managed to ignore the stuff they know that causes problems with the medical studies.

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