Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This fraud attempt has been around for several years

This fraud attempt has been around for several years


Fraud Alert!
The Department of Veterans Affairs has reported that the "Patient Care Group" is conducting a scam operation against veterans who receive VA prescriptions. Callers claiming to be representatives of this group tell veterans that their prescriptions are being administered by the company. They then ask for credit card information so that the veterans can continue to receive their medications. VA officials said that the department has made no change to its prescription system, and that veterans should not provide any information to callers from this group.

Veterans with questions about VA services should contact the nearest VA medical center or call, toll-free, 1-877-222-8387.

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Hello Colonel Dan,

I just got this is my email and was hoping you could clairfy this for me?

This is going around on the internet, is this true?


Subj: VA Scam

While at the Vista VA Clinic on 28 Aug 09, VA staff were handing out flyers warning of a VA Scam. Here is the content of the warning flyer:

Veterans are reporting that they are receiving calls from people claiming to be from the VA Pharmacy. The callers are telling veterans that the billing procedure for prescriptions has changed, and that the veteran needs to provide his/her credit card number for prescription payment before Pharmacy will fill their medication requests.

Please alert your veterans that this is a scam! All billing for any V A treatment and/or prescriptions is done through the MCCR Section of the V A. If the veteran wishes to pay his/her account by credit card, the veteran must provide the credit card number to our Agent Cashier. Our Agent Cashier is the only V A employee authorized to accept credit card payments. Thank you.

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