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Passing of an Edgewood Veteran October 29, 2009


Here is an old e-mail dating back to 2005. I am trying to honor my father's legacy because he died on October 29, 2009- the month of my birthday. Please post this information on your blog; futhermore, please feel free to call my sister, Kathy Dinunno, with any questions or concerns. Her number is

Albert Eric Ellek
MKULTRA Experiment #313
May God Bless his soul and the secrets that he left with.


Michael Robert Ellek
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-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wed, Nov 9, 2005 12:19 pm
Subject: Edgewood volunteers

Mr. Simes:

My name is Michael Robert Ellek, USMC '79-'83; '86-'87, and I am writing you today regarding the possibility of one of the Edgewood volunteers presenting on December 6, 2005 in Washington. I am the son of one of the Edgewood volunteers, Albert Eric Ellek. My father was ingested with psychochemicals for the secret CIA operation called "MKULTRA"--the name was only known to CIA operatives at the time in the late 50s early 60s.
Congressman Hyde is trying to get my father, at ali, his coveted Soldier's medal and address the life-time medical benefits that these brave patriots were promised for participating in such life changing experiments at Edgewood. Do you have the capability in obtaining the underlined [below] document for our use? Currently, the portfolios that state my father's cause for volunteering is at the Army Awards Branch for review. Mike Bailey and Eric Muth have spearheaded the "Edgewood volunteers" story, and hopefully we can get these men what they deserve for their deliberate volunteerism--the definition of a hero/heroine!

This White House philosophy "not to support our Vietnam Veterans" in lieu of protecting and minimizing chemical company costs that would be incurred (*reference White House memo put out to federal agencies) and then deny Vietnam Veterans and their families death and disability benefits seems to be now " a learned and accepted practice" by our government. This seems to permeate research and similar studies for Gulf War Syndrome, anthrax vaccine recipients, the Veterans of Project 112 testing and SHAD testing, and the Edgewood Arsenal testing, etc. There is also the previous history of DOD/VA cover-ups in Nuclear Testing and LSD testing.


Michael Robert Ellek
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Michael, I know this is of little solace, a few Senators and Congressmen follow this blog as well as the Department of Veteran Affairs, so they will now know of his passing, that they ignored this man as well as the other 7119 veterans used in the Cold War human experiments from 1955 thru 1975 until now, should be a shameful fact for them to face or deal with.

I know you have fought for years for recognition for your father and the other veterans, both in the failed promises of the medals they were promised but never received, and the failure of the VA to keep the PROMISE made to these veterans as it does to all veterans, we know the veterans used at Edgewood Arsenal were harmed many physically as well as some psychologically either way the damage was caused by the human experiments that were illegal as well as inhumane. Both the British government and the Canadian government have recognized this as in the past three years have apologized and compensated their veterans of their suplicate programs that ran along the same timelines and with interagnecy cooperation and the scientists from the three nations shared data and experiments, the doctors and scientists traveled from gagetown to Porton Downs and Edgewood Arsenal to work together, yet the United States has still failed to publicly acknowledge the damage done to men like your father and the other 7119 men of Edgewood.

Your father will live forever on the pages of this website Mike

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