Thursday, November 5, 2009

Terrence Lekites, aka Terry Lekites:

This was changed at Mr Leitkes request at 10:35 am EST on Jan 6, 2011 the first time he has ever contacted me and claimed this data was wrong flame away

after some research all concerned with this shoud read this link and decide for yourself about T Lekites it is his Linked in account

saved linked in profile 29 Sep 2009

I did not create the document Mr Lekites did

In the past 24 hours I have received numerous threats over this post, lawsuits, arrest, the FBI will be after me etc, I have had been told to get this "cleaned up or else" for one thing I have no control over Linked In and their pages I did not claim to have created that page it was on the Stolen Valor pages created by the POW Network in Sep 2009 I copies and pasted from it in Nov 2009 I surely have nothing to do with the VVA or their publications and their interviews at any time.

People have claimed to have been awarded medals and degrees from colleges for years for whatever reasons they chose to do it, why they do it you will have to ask them or their psychiatrists.

I have copies of e mails from people who have asked for proof of the claims on linked in and were lied to by Terrence Lekites saying the award was at his parents home

"I just recently retired. Takes time to update database. Medal and
paperwork are with my parents in Florida.

Sent from my iPhone
Terrence D. Lekites
Retired Federal Prosecutor
Defense Intelligence Agency"

people reading this need to make up their own minds about the truth of the problem, is it me or Terry Lekites?

I am done being threatened though. I will not remove this post.

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