Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gov't to excavate Shinjuku site for remains of WWII-era live human experiment victims

Gov't to excavate Shinjuku site for remains of WWII-era live human experiment victims

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare says it will excavate the former site of an Imperial Japanese Army medical college, where the victims of experiments on live human subjects are suspected to have been buried.

The ministry will embark on its first search of the site in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward this autumn. In 2006, a former nurse at the college confessed that they had buried human subjects at three different locations in the area at the end of the war.

The college's laboratory for epidemic control supervised the infamous Unit 731 -- a group of scientists who allegedly carried out medical experiments on live Chinese subjects -- and the Association Demanding Investigation on Human Bones Discovered from the Site of the Army Medical College had requested the government search the site, saying, "Those buried there could be the victims of experiments on live subjects."

One of the three locations indicated by the former nurse as dumping sites for human bodies will be excavated. The project will cover some 3,000 square meters, including a public housing complex scheduled for demolition by October. The ministry and the Shinjuku Ward Office are currently arranging procedures for the search.

In 1989, human bones from 62 individuals were discovered during construction of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in the same area. The site was one of the locations identified by the witness.

In 2001, the ministry conducted interviews with about 370 individuals who had worked for the Imperial Army's medical college. The survey concluded that the remains discovered at the construction site belonged to both Japanese and Chinese war victims used as medical subjects. It remained unknown whether the Unit 731 had been involved in the case.

Kanagawa University Professor Keiichi Tsuneishi, a representative of the citizen's group demanding the investigation into the remains, said, "According to the former nurse, the public housing for government officials was constructed immediately after the war so that no one could dig up the human subjects buried there. The search may uncover the facts that the government had sought to conceal."

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(Mainichi Japan) July 8, 2010


After 65 years I think it is finally time for the Japanese govt to deal with what really happened in WW2 and quit the cover up 731 was a real unit, they did unspeakable things to fellow humans, some of the things they did was as bad if not wrose than what happened under Dr Mengele and other doctors in WW2 German camps

The diiference was that General MacArthur bought and paid for the research papers of Unit 731 and none of the Japanese Officers were prosecuted for War Crimes as were the Nazi's.

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