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Pine Tree Legal Develops National Website for Veterans, Military Families

Pine Tree Legal Develops National Website for Veterans, Military Families

For Immediate Release

November 22, 2010

Contact: Nan Heald


Portland Maine – At a White House conference on access to justice on November 19, officials announced the launch of a new national website for military and veteran families with legal problems.

The website,, is the first site in the country to focus exclusively on the unique legal needs and rights of military and veteran families around the country. The site includes user-friendly legal information and self-help tools (including videos and interactive documents) related to common legal problems, including divorce, foreclosure, and disability benefits. The website also identifies legal referral resources available though the military, State veteran services, and legal aid programs funded by the Legal Services Corporation. Information on the website is organized and searchable according to legal problem, military status, and State of residence.

“Pine Tree is honored to receive this recogni tion and to be part of an initiative to provide critical legal services to veterans, members of the military and their families,” Nan Heald, Executive Director of Pine Tree Legal Assistance, said.

Developed with funding from the Legal Services Corporation and other sources, the site has been in development since the fall of 2009. Pine Tree was chosen to serve as the lead agency for this project, based on its national reputation in developing other websites with high quality legal information written in plain English, including , and Arkansas Legal Services Partnership and legal experts in Maine and around the country have also contributed content to the website. A special website advisory group includes nationally recognized experts in military and VA legal issues, as well as key leaders from the military and veteran communities in Maine.

Pine Tree’s Executive Director Nan Heald and Website Coordinator Kathleen Caldwell were present for the event at the White House, which also addressed other initiatives associated with improving access to justice. Additional content will be added to the website on an ongoing basis.

Who is behind it?
Two primary partnering organizations have worked toge ther to create the Stateside Legal website. These organizations are Pine Tree Legal Assistance of Maine and the Arkansas Legal Services Partnership. In addition, the website has received help from many volunteers, including private attorneys, members of the Judge Advocate General [JAG] Corps, civilian Legal Assistance Attorneys, and veteran service officers. See a list of our advisors.

Who pays for it?
The Legal Services Corporation, provided the initial funding.

To maintain and expand this website will require additional and ongoing funding.

If you would like to support this effort as an individual on a tax-deductible basis, click here.

If you are interested in getting more information about ways to support this effort as a business or organization, please contact Pine Tree Legal Assistance Executive Director Nan Heald at 207-774-4753.

What about local help that I'm not finding here?

This is a national website focusing initially on federal programs. Many laws vary from state to state. We hope to expand our state-specific infor mation as time goes on. If you are aware of resources in your State that should be included in this site, please let us know.

Also, you may be able to find more state-specific information on your statewide legal services website.

Nan Heald, Executive Director
Pine Tree Legal Assistance
PO Box 547, Portland, ME 04112
phone: 207-774-4753 and

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