Monday, December 24, 2007

MY Christmas thoughts

I hope Santa brings all the veterans of the United States a DVA that starts to care about them, one that actually takes some action to process the compensation claims faster before the veteran and his family lose their cars, their homes or their marriages due to the financial strains. We understand that government can't afford widespread fraud, we also don't think we should have to lose everything we care about or own. Wasn't the sacrifice of going to war enough?

We are hoping that Congress will finally come to terms with the fact that veterans deserve fully mandated and funded health care, rather than the system we have now, which means we have a percentage process, ooops we can't afford that, a heart cath that gets done in a week in a civilian doctor/hospital takes 4 months at a VA Hospital, why?

Instead of Congressional and Senatorial offices exchanging nice letters with VAROs, that the letters can have some teeth in them, and a way to force compliance or a contact in the Regional offices, that can get to the root of the problems and answers on how to fix the problems, rather than the "we are working on it letters" that are sent now, and nothing still gets done.

The VA should create an office of Ombudsman where veterans who are getting the real run around can go to for help, in extreme cases where the VA refuses to address evidence, ignores records that establish "strange" assignments while in the military that create problems with claims processing such as the nuclear experiments from 1945 thru the early 60s that range from Almogordo N.M to the Pacific Islands, post war Japan, the nevada test site, the military experiments using biological weapons known as Operation WhiteCoat, Dugway Proving Grounds, Fort Greely Alaska, Edgewood Arsenals chemical weapons and drug experiments, the Sarin and Mustard agent exposures at Kamisayah Iraq in March 1991, Operation 112/SHAD, when the US Military destroyed the Iraqi ammunition complex without finding out what al the bunkers contained.

The VA and DOD's track record on hazardous expsoures is atrocious, Agent Orange, Depleted Uranium, pesticides in Saudi Arabia in the First Gulf War, toxic exposures on military bases world wide.

It's time for the VA to care for the nations disabled veterans rather than be a road block to care and to prevent the "PROMISE" from being kept.

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