Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Iraq War: Give us your opinions


The Iraq War: Give us your opinions

The fifth anniversary of the Iraq War is approaching. For our coverage, we'd like reader response to these questions:

Considering costs to the U.S. against the benefits to the U.S., do you think the war in Iraq has been worth fighting or not?


Do you think the situation in Iraq is getting better, worse or is it about the same?

Are coalition forces restoring order in Iraq?

Was it the right decision to use military force against Iraq?

Regardless of your opinion about starting the war in Iraq, how will history view the war?

Should U.S. troops be kept in Iraq until the situation is stabilized, or should they be brought home as soon as possible?

Are troops getting enough time to recover between deployments?

Do you favor the war, or oppose the war?

Has your opinion changed on Operation Iraqi Freedom since the war began 5 years ago?

Is the war winnable?

Do you know someone who has fought in Iraq?

Did you lose a friend or family member in Iraq?

How has the war personally affected you and your family?

Have Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans been treated well upon their return by the VA? By other agencies?

You can register your opinion on the Story Chat forums here or by e-mailing Bruce Brown at

Questions about the Iraq War

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