Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Pennsylvania “Bonus” for Veterans of the

Gulf War One Bonuses from Pennsylvania

Background: The Persian Gulf Conflict was fought from August 1990 until August 1991 following
the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. On April 24, 2006, Governor Ed Rendell signed House Bill 1820
into law as Act 29 of 2006. Approval of this program was endorsed by the State Veterans’ Commission,
thePennsylvania War Veterans Council, the Pennsylvania National Guard Associations and many
veterans’ organizations in the Commonwealth.
Ballot Question: On November 7, 2006, Pennsylvania voters gave overwhelming approval to a ballot
question to fund this program. The bond issue will create a fund for the payment of compensation to
members and former members of the Armed Forces who served in the Persian Gulf Conflict and were
Pennsylvania residents at the time of such service. The $20 million estimated amount is based on the
number of Pennsylvania veterans who performed active service in the Armed Forces in the Persian Gulf
Theater of Operations.
Who is Eligible: The following veterans may be eligible for benefits under this program:
• The veteran must have served on active duty in the Persian Gulf Theater of Operations
during the period from August 2, 1990 to August 31, 1991 and received the Southwest Asia
Service Medal.
• The veteran must have been a legal resident of Pennsylvania at the time of military service.
• The veteran must have served under honorable conditions.
Amount of Compensation: Eligible Pennsylvania veterans of the Persian Gulf Conflict will receive $75
per month for each month (or major fraction) of active service in the Persian Gulf Conflict Theater up to a
maximum of $525. Five thousand dollars ($5,000) will be paid on behalf of veterans who died in active
service in the Persian Gulf Theater or as a result of service-connected wounds, diseases or injuries
sustained during active service in the Persian Gulf Theater. In addition, $5,000 will be paid to Persian Gulf
Conflict prisoners of war.
Applications: DMVA will begin to accept applications for the Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans’ Benefit
Program some time in the first quarter of 2008. The deadline for submitting applications for this benefit is
August 31, 2015.
Payments: DMVA expects to make the first “bonus” payments under this
program in early 2008.
Next Steps: The implementation of the Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans’
Benefit program will involve a number of steps:
• DMVA will prepare and publish administrative regulations to
implement the program. Draft regulations were reviewed by the
State Veterans’ Commission at their February 2007 meeting. It is
expected the regulations will be published in spring or summer 2007.
• DMVA will design the application forms and prepare publications
to summarize the new program and their requirements.
• DMVA will contract with a firm to receive and process the more
than 30,000 applications, which are expected over a period of years.

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