Thursday, October 23, 2008

Depleted Uranium Background Information on a Current Topic

Depleted Uranium

Iraq-Balkans: The Apocalypse Caused by Man!"
Recently, such and other horrific statements have been more frequently read and heard. They speak about the
alleged "uncontrollable, irrevocable, and annihilating" consequences of the use of a new type of ammunition by the
US and Great Britain in Iraq and the Balkans. It is claimed that this ammunition consists of a "highly poisonous and
radioactive" material, called depleted uranium (DU).
Are these terrifying statements and frightening pictures - such as the "unstoppable" increase in cases of cancer or
pictures of birth defects in newborns in the afflicted population of these former battlefields - based on facts or are
they simply a journalistic exaggeration or possibly even state propaganda?
Are the peace-keeping troops in Kosovo - who also include our Swiss soldiers - exposed to the danger of "radiating"
uranium lying around everywhere?
The following background information from AC-Laboratorium Spiez investigates these questions from a scientific
perspective and tries to summarize the current state of knowledge about the use of ammunition containing depleted
uranium and about the possible consequences for man and environment.

This is a Swiss assessment of DU not a politicized version

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