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The President's Budget for 2010 Includes Full Restoration of Concurrent

Other than in fact sheets.. the actual wording in the budget on Concurrent Receipt is not present, other than the brief statement below..which shows it being phased in? The moneys are in the Defense Budget not the VA Budget… remember the Budget comes in two parts, Appropriation and Authorization. What a few thinks it says, and what a few of the old DOD bean counters, will make it say.. are 2 different things. Remember DOD & OMB have never supported full concurrent receipt… they have been dragged kicking and screaming to where we are today… and we must keep the pressure on them… so yes.. we must take action

Not enough money is in there for full concurrent receipt… plain & simple



Program and Financing (in millions of dollars)

=========== ==== =============== ======= =============== ==== ==== ==== ===== === ==== ==== ===

Identification code 97-0041-0-1-051 2008 actual 2009 est. 2010 est.

Obligations by program activity:

00.01 Concurrent receipt payment to the Military Retirement Fund ..... 2,776 3,745 4,693

10.00 Total new obligations (object class 12.2) .............................. 2,776 3,745 4,693

The budget increases pay 2.9 percent for men and women in uniform, an amount that will improve their purchasing power, and phases in concurrent receipt of military retired pay and Veterans Disability Compensation to all retirees receiving disability retired pay. Beginning in 2010, DOD disability retirees will receive both their full DOD retired pay and their Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation. The benefit will be phased in by the VA disability level. In 2010, retirees with 90 percent or greater VA disability ratings will receive the full value of both benefits. In each succeeding year, the benefit will be extended to more retirees, with full implementation by 2014.

while the VA fact sheet says this:below… DOD’s does NOT

Provides greater benefits for veterans who are medically retired from active duty. For the first time, highly disabled veterans who are medically retired from service will be eligible for concurrent receipt of full disability benefits from VA in addition to Department of Defense retirement benefits.

--- On Sat, 5/9/09, USDR Action Alerts wrote:

From: USDR Action Alerts
Subject: The President's Budget for 2010 Includes Full Restoration of Concurrent

The President's Budget for 2010 Includes Full Restoration of Concurrent Receipt

The President's Budget for 2010 Take Action!

Full Restoration of Concurrent Receipt

Please send the following editable message to your two Senators and Representative --

This past Thursday, May 7, 2008, the President submitted the 2010 budget request. Within that budget is a line item for full restoration of concurrent receipt of military retirement for ALL retirees receiving Veterans Disability Compensation. This request is historic as President Obama is the first President in history to request the total correction of this injustice.

As your voting constituent and a disabled Veteran, I implore you to ensure that this line item from the President's budget is retained for ALL retirees to include those that were retired under Chapter 61 with less than 20 years of service due to injuries incurred while protecting this great nation.

Concurrent Receipt is NOT a benefit, it is NOT an entitlement, it is DEBT owed and 118 years OVERDUE.

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