Friday, June 19, 2009

First-ever virtual 'march' on Washington for disabled vets

First Ever Virtual March on Washington
Please Sign Up to Participate

First-ever virtual 'march' on Washington for disabled vets

The DAV is organizing a march on Washington to raise public awareness and let lawmakers know voters care about veterans. But you won't need to travel to participate and have your voice heard.

This march is going to be completely online, the first-ever Virtual March on Washington for Veterans. The DAV is working to ensure this will be the easiest and most convenient way ever to stand up for veterans. Together, we will generate greater public awareness and support for strengthening federal policies that provide health care and other earned benefits to disabled veterans.

To sign up to participate in the Sept. 15 virtual march, simply visit and enter your e-mail address at the top of the page. Your ZIP code will also be needed so lawmakers know which constituents care about the needs of veterans and their families. DAV will send you an e-mail the night before the "march" as a reminder. DAV will not share your e-mail address with or sell it to anyone, nor will DAV use it to solicit donations.

On Sept. 15, the official day of the march, there will be video messages posted from a variety of veterans, family members, veterans' advocates, lawmakers and a few surprises. There will be opportunities to chat with those leading efforts to better the lives of veterans. And there will be easy-to-use tools for you to directly contact your representatives in Washington, D.C. If you cannot visit the site the day of the march, don't worry; it will all remain online.

Remember, after you sign up, please help encourage others to do the same. Forward this e-mail, post links on your social networks, blog about it and tell everyone you know.

Those who have put their lives on the line for freedom are depending on you.

First-ever virtual 'march' on Washington for disabled vets


I commend the DAV for attempting to use the internet to harness the power of the grass roots movement to get Congress to pay attention, their is power in numbers, and there are 3.2 million disabled veterans, most have families, all have parents, most are married and have children so let's just use the number 10 as immediate family members affected by the veterans life so now we are talking more than 30 million Americans a grass roots movement supported by 20-30 million Americans will make any politician stick their head up and pay attention, I don't care who they are.

But the "astro turfed" movements which areled from the top down, never make the impact the leaders hope for, look at the now infamous Fox sponsored "T.E.A. parties" they basically became a joke, now that is an example of an "astro turfed event" the Net Root Nations week end seminars they bring the national democratic leaders to them, they don't invite them, they show up because they know these people at Net Roots nation are the bloggers and the people and activists that can make or break their campaigns and their political futures can be affected by them.

The DAV needs to find a way to let the "little people" be heard, open their blog up for idea exchanges, let the veterans and their families and supporters speak to the DAV in the open and make the exchange public, and let Congress see that it is the real people speaking to them and not a fake moevement that does not have real activists behind it.

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