Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome home all you new Vets

Welcome home all you new Vets

January 24, 12:16 AM
by Harmon Biehl, Miami Veterans Affairs Examiner
« PreviousHi all you regular Veteran readers!. I want to especially call out to you new Vets in V.A. Land. All you Kuwait Vets, Iraq, Afganistan, and all the rest of the the Non-Wars our warriors are used for. Here is a quick look into the window of the future for you as you get older.

1. You will be confused trying to understand why you deteriorate from the strange illnesses that are probably already beginning to manifest themselves in your daily life.
2. Your confusion and ability to reason out the issues will be almost impossible due to the fact that the truth is being withheld from you on purpose.
3. You will become angry that even after you find out the truth you will not be able to accomplish much because the Government will continue to deny any responsibility.
4. When you pass thru the stages of non-belief that your Government would treat you this way, and then deny it, then be forced to admit it, but continue to deny help or benefits you will begin to realise that you have been had.
5 If you are lucky it will not cost you your marriage, or you childrens lives having to be lived with deformities and early terminal illnesses.
6 If you are unlucky, well.............................
7 You wake up at night in a cold sweat shaking and afraid from the nightmare that seems so real.
8. Your wife has collected the children while you were out at the gas station and they will be gone before you get home. Soon you will get a letter telling you they don't want you or need you anymore.
9 Your husband has collected the children while you were out a the gas station and they will be gone before you get home. Soon you will get a letter telling you they no longer want you or need you.
10 you will not be able to hold down a job for long.
11 you seem to be angry most of the time.
12 Your pediatrician tells you offhandidly after the delivery of your new baby,"Say! while you were off at war were you around any lethal chemicals like DIOXIN? Your new baby may be suffering from something we are not sure of yet.
13 You may get headaches that bring you to your knees. The V.A. can't fix you because, you are screwed, you are unfixable.
14 the list goes on and on and on and on.............

Hey all you new Vets, I am in touch with many veterans, both men and women and I know that there are certain truths that cannot be white washed or explained away. You will in time learn these truths also.
I am a strong person and I have strong beliefs, like eventually right wins over wrong. Goodness triumphs over badness. Love is stronger than hate.

Every once in a while I get an email from a friend that is being dumped on way more than me, if that is possible. I just received oneof those. It is from a special friend of mine I will call MR.Murphy. He jokes about his ailments as though he were under the spell of Murphy's law. Remember that one? If it can go wrong it will at the worst possible moment.

Well, I wanted to do an article on Mr. Murphy but he is far more eloquent and honest than I could have been in the same situation.
A Little background............ I sent one of those really goofy but funny chain letters with pictures of small animals in funny situations. They are usually ok but if you have seen one you have seen them all. This particular one made me laugh. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I sent it along to some special war buddies of mine(all Veterans are war buddies of mine), some are special to me. Darned if a bunch of us didn't get a good laugh. It was a hoot. One of my special war buddies also sent me back a return email. I cried. You read it. See what you think.

Harm thanks for the smiles it brought to my face, it has been a rough few weeks and with my PTSD it is usually rough but getting ready for the BVA hearing in 2 weeks and seeing that Cardiologist Wed hit me like a 2 x 4 between the eyes, he was rude short and told me regardless of my PTSD I was going to have a heart attack when I did I was like WTF and I am paying you for this why? My lawyer felt I needed another IMO to refute the C&P doctors from the VA we did a background check on the C&P doctors the VA has used to refute my cardiac claims one is a podiatrist, one is a nurse practioner, and the latest one graduated from med school in 2005 and is a radiologist and the VA raters used their opinions to dismiss my treating VA cardiologists opinion a cardiologist with an impeccable resume from Colorado, DR Ketchums IMO who as a retired Army Colonel and a very long and impressive resume as a doctor and psychiatrist for more than 40 years, so the Chief of Cardiology is writing another IMO linking the PTSD to be an aggravating condition to my series of cardiovascular problems and strokes for the past 20 years.

My wife and my sons security rests on getting my cardiac problems SC secondary to my Sc PTSD, otherwise they will lose our home because of my health problems I can not buy life insurance or mortgage insurance so I have been more of a SOB the past few weeks than usual, and I have been nasty to my friends, family and everyone else. I am and have been reclusive for years, but due to the stress and worries I have been worse than normal.

This set of pics made me smile and realize what a jerk I have been I hope my family and friends can accept this as my apology, because this is about as good as it's going to get.

Thanks Harm for being a friend even idiots like me need new good friends (Mr Murphy) to the rest of you. You are my friends and all I can say is I am sorry.

Well people. Do you think Mr Murphy needs to be sorry. I'll tell you who needs to be sorry. These make believe doctors lie about his illness. They lie about the government involvement in his disaster level proportion illnesses. What ever happened to the oath doctors take to become doctors? Maybe they dont do that any more. Maybe it is just the money.
It may be too late to save any of these doctors from having blood on their hands, but it may not be too late for them to keep from having Mr Murphys blood on their hands. There is a final accounting in everyones lives, and you all know it. These are the same doctors that are treating me. Gives you confidence, doesn't it? You know what, they are the doctors that are going to treat you.

Yes all you new Vets. This is what you have to look forward to 20-30-40 years from now, if you should live so long.

Welcome home all you new vets, welcome to the club.

Mr Murphy, you ar not a jerk in my book, you are a Special friend, and I love you.

Be Blessed;

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