Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Canadian "test vets" file class action lawsuit


SASKATOON -Veteran Lenard Link had only been in the Canadian army for a month and a half when, he said, he was subjected to chemical testing in 1942 --an experience he claimed has left him suffering for 65 years. "They just came into the hut at night and said they wanted 20 volunteers," Mr. Link said. "Well, you don't volunteer in the army." Mr. Link is among hundreds of former soldiers suing the Attorney-General of Canada and the Minister of National Defence for alleged secret chemical and biological warfare testing. The claims made by the former soldiers have not been proven in court. The class-action lawsuit commenced yesterday in Ottawa. Lawyer Tony Merchant represents about 350 former soldiers, but said about 4,500 people were affected by the chemical testing, which allegedly occurred at CFB Wainwright and Scarcee Training Camp between 1941 and 1976 and in CFB Petawawa and the Chemical Warfare Laboratory in Ottawa between 1940 and 1945. Mr. Merchant said the government refuses compensation because it says the veterans came forward too late. Government representatives would not confirm their position in the lawsuit.

Excuse me they came forward to late? what in bloody hell does that mean? At least the Canadian government isn't doing like the US Government telling the vets yea you were in the tests so what, can you prove the experiments harmed you? No we can't tell you how much or what you were exposed to that is classified and some of the experimental data is still being used in double blind studies and it would ruin the data for future experiments and research projects.
Go away, and shut up....... the VA refuses to accept reasonable doubt.......

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