Monday, December 17, 2007

I met President Bill Clinton today

I just got home from a meeting with the President, I was invited to meet with him due to my being a member of the Military and Veterans Steering Committee for Hillary. I was told where to go and what time to be there, it was a very private visit to a veterans assistance center in Columbia SC. Due to my disabilities, and my use of the walker I was told to stay downstairs with the veterans, the members of the steering committee were sent upstairs to meet with him seperately. The time with the veterans was just that his thanking the troops. I got him to sign a book written by DR James Ketchum, titled Chemical Warfare: Secrets Almost Forgotten.

He spent about 3-5 minutes speaking with me as he signed the book, he has a way of talking to you like it is only you and him in the room, I know the news people were taking pictures of us as he was signing the book and his talk with me, but it was like they weren't even there.

He noticed where DR Ketchum had signed the book and written a note, and then we talked about the human experiments and his apology in 1995, for all of the Cold War experiments that the government used humans in. He was sincere in his irritation when he learned the VA and DOD are still stonewalling the veterans and preventing them from getting their benefits.

He gave me his business card and told me to contact Jason and explain my personal situation to him about the VA and they would look into it.You get the feeling speaking with him, that he cares and something will be done.

Even my wife said after meeting him, she may even vote for Hillary after all. By the way my wife's a republican. She was impressed with him, and that says a lot.

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Carissa said...

I interned for Hillary when I was 19 and I met Bill twice, so I TOTALLY know what you mean... he looks at you like you are the only person in the entire world--powerfully charismatic. Something you cannot appreciate fully until he meet him.

The thing is, Bill is not the person we are electing, it is Hillary. Of course, Hillary is an incredible woman in her own right: strong, brilliant, politically savvy.