Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Senate moves to strengthen Whistle Blower rules

Stronger Whistle-Blower Protection Passes Senate
By Stephen BarrWednesday, December 19, 2007; Page D04
With nary an objection, the Senate approved legislation to strengthen protections for federal employees who reveal waste, fraud and abuse, setting up negotiations with the House on the first major expansion of whistle-blower rights since 1989.
The bill, sponsored by Daniel K. Akaka (D-Hawaii) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), was approved on a voice vote late Monday. The House in March approved a bill to strengthen whistle-blower protections for federal employees.

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For six years, efforts to get whistle-blower legislation through Congress have been opposed by the Justice Department, blocked by senators and dropped from legislative packages at the last moment.
"It is easy to be cynical, but this is one genuine reform where Congress is doing its share," said Tom Devine, legal director for the Government Accountability Project, a whistle-blower protection organization.

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this may be one of the best peices of legislation they have done all year.

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