Sunday, December 16, 2007

Homeland Security or Homeland Insecurity?

Katz wrote that when D'Armiento declined to speak with Weare in an interrogation room and said, "I want my computer back now," Weare told him to "back off" and "get out of [his] face." After a guard drew his handgun, prompting D'Armiento to say he would call the police, a guard replied, "We are the police," Katz wrote.
Katz said that, on Sept. 25, D'Armiento turned over to a fellow whistle-blower Coast Guard documents marked sensitive but unclassified, and that the papers showed that the agency was aware of hundreds of defects in communications equipment aboard its new, $640 million flagship vessel, known as the National Security Cutter. The ship is part of the Coast Guard's $25 billion fleet replacement program, known as Deepwater.
In the documents, dated August and September and reported by Wired magazine's Web site, Coast Guard officials noted the probability that the first of eight planned cutters "will be unable to process classified information." Nevertheless, the Coast Guard appeared prepared to accept responsibility for correcting some defects at added taxpayer expense after delivery, even though that was the contractors' obligation, D'Armiento alleged.

Nothing like intimidating "whistle blowers" trying to save taxpayers money, I guess this is how the Bush Administrationis portecting taxpayers "hard earned money" by letting contractors pass on to the military costly over runs and equipment that doesn't perform to the specs and let the taxpayers buy new equipment again that will work, probably from the same sub contractors.....the military industrial complex at it's worst and at the point of a gun

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