Monday, January 12, 2009

The Vet Art Project keeps on marching right along.

Join Chicago's Vet Art Project in Fostering Creative Military Veteran and Civilian Artist Collaborations
The Vet Art Project keeps on marching right along.

Last month, I had such a great time attending one of the many outreach and community engagement events that VAP's lead artist and creator, Lisa Rosenthal, has organized since October.

What a shining effort!

Two more lead-up events are taking place this month before all of the work blossoms into February's month long Vet Art Project: Sharing Stories of War to Help Our Veterans Find Peace exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center.

You can read the rest of Ilona's post here: She has plenty of link backs as always.

Vet Art Project
sharing stories of war as our veterans struggle to find peace

The above site link is still under construction but there they will point you to the blogspot:

The Vet Art Project creates opportunities for veterans to work in collaboration with artists from all disciplines to create new art about war for public performance and viewing. The goals of the Vet Art Project are to support our veterans, create stronger voices among our veterans, provide new opportunities for artists, and offer a venue to hear the voices of our veterans and artists and foster discussions about how war affects us all.

Their Blog Spot:

Iliona Meagher, you will find out if you visit her site, wrote "Moving a Nation to Care" a great reference book on PTSD, which has helped many returning OIF and OEF Veterans, and Veterans of our past conflicts, leading to helping those in the civilian population who have suffered in silence from the Traumatic Experiences they have gone through during their lives, PTSD is not only a Combat Related Result From and more has been learned about it during these many years with ongoing research!!
Iliona Meagher's Blog

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