Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Military OneSource

Military One Source

Benefits and Entitlements

Medical/Dental information
Pay information
Legal Services
Housing information
Savings and Thrift Savings Plans
Army Family Programs
National Guard Family Services
Army Reserve Family Services
Grocery shopping information
Clothing shopping information

The Army Structure

As an Army Spouse, you are eligible to take online classes in the Lifelong Learning section on this site. All you need to do is simply register for this site and select the training of your choice. If you’re already registered, click here to select a training opportunity. The Army Family Team Building (AFTB) program has numerous online modules which teach all about the Army, its customs, traditions, Chain of Command, Rank and the Role of the Army Spouse. After you've mastered the basics about the Army by taking AFTB Level I, move on with Level II and III which reveals more than you can ever imagine. A few of the training topics in AFTB Level I are listed below:

Army customs and traditions
Chain of Command
Rank structure
Role of the Army Spouse

The Military Life

Click the links below to find information on moving to your first installation, deployments, financial management and children education support services.

Relocation and Moving Tips
Deployment Information
Financial Calculators
Children Education Support


Explore the links below to develop and grow personally and/or professionally. Click below to discover the thousands of employment opportunities available, take a computer course or mentor training.

Army Spouse Employment Partnership
Military Spouse Job Search Bank
Computer Internet Training
Army Mentoring Training

As you can see this is a program for active duty and reserve and National Guard troops and their families, it has all the information on one web site that anyone would need in dealing with the military regardless of what branch they belong to, they have pages for the Army, Navy, Marine Corp and the Air Force, broken down by states and installations. I hope those of you who need information find this a useful site, it appears that DOD is attempting to do something great here.

Hat tip to my friend Larry Meirow for introducing it to me. SALUTE

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