Sunday, February 8, 2009

Very Interestink - take two

Very Interestink - take two
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by Harmon Biehl, Miami Veterans Affairs Examiner
« PreviousHey Vets! Some time ago I posted an article about Mike Baileys situation with the Edgewood Arsenal Chemical experiments on our countries best, Mike being one of them. If you will recall they made him 100 % for PTSD and refused his more pressing medical needs with his heart problems caused by the chemical tests done on him at the Edgewood Arsenal. If you will furthur recall the V.A. denied any involvement with with his health issues because they denied being responsible for that health issue.

Well Vets, here is page -2.

After a read and a re read I conclude that the Dr. that wrote the opinion wasn't particularly friendly to Mike but he was particularly honest in his opinion based on the fact that he is one of the countries experts in the field.

Please read page - 2 now and see if you agree.

Yesterday was surprising, I was expecting a video conference with the BVA Judge in DC and us on a video link from 1801 Assembly Street, instead the Judge was there in person, his name was Mr Shelby and administrative law judge that works for the Board of Veteran Appeals. My lawyer Rebecca Patrick is an ex Air Force lawyer that specializes in VA law, her entire practice is representing veterans at the VA, either in BVA hearings or the Court of Veteran Appeals. Good luck Mike,

I will stay with Mike on this and let you all know the outcome.

Be Blessed;

Very Interestink - take two


I appreciate Harm's continued interest in my story

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