Thursday, February 12, 2009

Veterans of Edgewood Arsenal, Fort Detrick, SHAD/112 etc

It is my hope and my goal to find as many veterans of the Cold War Programs that used veterans from 1952 thru 1975 in chemical weapons, drugs, biological weapons and other stimulants and other substances to test on the soldiers who either willingly volunteered or were used without their approval and were told afterwards to never speak about the experiments or they would be court martialed for violating the National Securities Acts.

The investigations into these experiments by Congress, DOD and the VA have lifted the veil of secrecy, you can tell your family members about the tests, your doctors and yes now even lawyers.

I wish you would contact me at testvet at aol dot com or Eric Muth at eepmuth at NYC dot com, he is the veteran leader of the group that is now suing the CIA, DOD and the Army in this Lawsuit led by Gordon Erspamer of Morrison & Foerster as of now it is the six plaintiffs and the VVA, they are hoping to expand it to a class action lawsuit that would benefit all of the Cold War experiments that used CBR and drugs on the "volunteers" and non volunteets, there is also the issue of consent and informed consent.

Were these doctors doing things that would do no harm to the volunteers? It is doubtful as to many of the substances they had no clue what the long term affects would be let alone the short term affects, and there was NO follow up to the men used in these experiments, in most cases they said CYA don't call us we will call you. In the past 35 years they mailed twice both times it was to cover their backsides, not the veterans, in the latest mailing in FY2000 they lied and said it was to check up on us, in reality it was to deny Gulf War veterans any type of disability compensation related to known chemical weapons released at Kamiasayah, Iraq on March 19, 1991 when the Army destroyed the Iraqi ammo dumps with artillery and missiles containing Sarin and mustard agents, the March 2003 report ignored mustard agents altogether and downplayed known long term medical problmes related to Sarin expsoure.

Please contact myself, Eric Muth or Gordon Erspamer at Morrison/Forrestor and get your names onto the list of "volunteers" with current e mail addresses, street addresses and or phone numbers so we can get as complete a list as possible.

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