Friday, March 20, 2009

Iraq, Afghanistan Vets Lead Jobless Numbers

Iraq, Afghanistan Vets Lead Jobless Numbers
Reported by: RNS Newsroom Solutions
Friday, Mar 20, 2009 @11:05am CST

Veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq make up more than 11-percent of all Americans collecting unemployment benefits.

One in nine of the men and women who've served their country in the military find themselves on the front lines of the economic downturn.

The number comes from Labor Department economist Jim Walker who says the number of jobless vets has gone up four-percent in the past year reaching eleven-point-two-percent, far higher than the current eight-point-eight-percent rate for non veterans of the two conflicts.

"USA Today" reports unemployment among the youngest vets, those aged 20 to 24 hit 15-percent in February.

The rate is under 14-percent for non veterans in that same demographic

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