Friday, March 20, 2009

Nazi Guard Deported to Austria

Nazi Guard Deported to Austria

Published: March 19, 2009
An 83-year-old man who admitted that as a Nazi concentration camp guard he took part in a two-day killing spree in which 42,000 people were killed was deported to Austria Thursday from his home in Wisconsin, immigration officials said.

The former guard, Josias Kumpf, admitted that he participated in a murderous November 1943 Nazi operation that went by the code name “Aktion Erntefest” — Operation Harvest Festival — in which roughly 42,000 Jewish men, women and children were murdered at three Nazi camps in eastern Poland in two days.

Mr. Kumpf acknowledged his role was as a guard and an assassin at the Trawniki Labor Camp, where 8,000 men, women and children were shot dead in a single day, Nov. 3, 1943, Justice Department officials said.

He was removed earlier this week from his home in Racine, Wis., by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

Mr. Kumpf immigrated to the United States from Austria in 1956, and became a citizen in 1964. A spokesman for the Justice Department said officials began their efforts to deport him in 2003, when a federal lawsuit was filed in the Eastern District of Wisconsin to strip him of his citizenship because of his participation in war crimes. His citizenship was revoked in 2005.

“Josias Kumpf, by his own admission, stood guard with orders to shoot any surviving prisoners who attempted to escape an SS massacre that left thousands of Jews dead,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Rita M. Glavin, said in a written statement Thursday. “His court-ordered removal from the United States to Austria is another milestone in the government’s long-running effort to ensure that individuals who participated in crimes against humanity do not find sanctuary in this country.”


How many more of these old Nazi's are still hiding in plain sight here in the US? How many of the Paperclip doctors and scientists are still here and still being protected by the CIA, who enabled them to immigrate here after WW2 for the "greater good" or to keep them from faling into Russian hands and end up working for them and their Cold War era programs. The space race, CBR weapons and other such research? Will we ever know the truth?

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