Saturday, March 21, 2009

John Waltz D Ky 4th District

My name is John Waltz and I was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan in a
family deeply rooted in hard work and blue-collar values. My father and
uncle taught me the real value of being an American. They both gave over 30
years at General Motors and were strong union supporters. They instilled in
me dedication, loyalty, work ethic, and a deep love for my country that led
to my joining the military even understanding I might easily end up in a war
not of my choosing.

I had the distinct honor to serve on the USS George Washington and was
directly involved in Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and
Operation Enduring Freedom. Having come home and having to fight for medical
and disability benefits I learned that most in Congress have little or no
concern sending us into war but are by far from willing to assume their
responsibility on our return. Like every other working class American we
asked for nothing more than was promised.

The fact we had to fight for our rights should be a wakeup call to every one
of us and is a key reason that I currently am a proud Democrat who believes
in doing what is truly right for all Americans. My second call to serve is
to be your next Democratic Congressman from Kentucky's Fourth District,
which the inspiration to run has come from friends and family directly
impacted by my service.

I am a simple working class married father of four who has had enough of
politics as usual. As your Member of Congress, I will not quit and will stay
in the fight to ensure America is once again safe, secure and our children
have every opportunity to savor the fruits of their labors. While I may not
necessarily have all the answers or even know all the questions, I know that
with your active help and support we can initiate the process of addressing
these important issues in clear straightforward English.

In the last election, we as a country were fortunate to restore the
presidency with a Democratic leader, but many of the same Republicans such
as my opponent support and rally for the failed policies of George Bush. It
is time we place someone in charge who not only served in our military but
who is deeply concerned with the future of our beloved nation and her

In order to reclaim Kentucky's Fourth District your gift of $25, $50, $100,
$250, $500 or $1,000 will help me raise the vital "early seed money" I need
to successfully launch this campaign. Our ultimate goal is to raise $5,000
by April 1st, and I humbly ask for your support in helping us tackle this
serious challenge. Please visit this link

Paypal donations to contribute or call me personally at 859-992-0083.

Thank you,

I pledge to you that every day that I am in office; I will be a fighting
advocate for not only my brothers and sisters in Kentucky's Fourth District
but in America as well. Thus, my stance on the issues are not mere talking
points rather they are the torch I am going to bear as your Congressman and
is my pledge to finally put America back on her feet.

I had the distinct honor to serve on the USS George Washington and was
directly involved in Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and
Operation Enduring Freedom. After having served in the above conflicts no
veteran should have to endure what I and several other veterans went
through. I pledge to fight everyday to ensure no one who wears or has worn
the uniform of the United States endures what we and others have
experienced. No veteran should have to endure what I and thousands of
veterans went through after coming home. I pledge to fight everyday to
ensure no one who wears or has worn the uniform of the United States will
endure what others like myself have experienced.

Defense and Foreign Aid:
Stimulating our own economy must be our priority. We should be investing in
America and American interests first. I will work to eliminate ineffective
and indirect foreign aid. It should be in our highest interest as a
sovereign nation to be a guiding light of liberty but the primary sponsor of
only our own. I will rise in opposition to any further measures that will
cause our military to fight in unjust wars and under a foreign flag.

Local control of education spending is critical to provide our children with
quality schools. I will not support federal rules or funding mandates that
hamstring state and local education efforts. This will enable states to
better invest in their academic infrastructure, which would include hiring
more teachers, improving curriculum, and utilizing innovative technology
that is best suited for their particular needs.

Restoring Middle Class Success:
Making college affordable while stemming college dropout rates, demand
colleges utilize private funds and donations to drive tuition before
receiving any federal funding because the current no strings attached
funding allows the school unchecked power to increase tuition. Increase
college readiness and retention by improving K-12 education

Energy and Environment:
National security demands that America becomes energy independent as quickly
as possible. Tax credits and incentives should be expanded to move toward
alternative energies that are environmentally friendly and increased
domestic energy production so we are not held hostage by foreign oil.
Immigration: America is a sovereign nation and her borders should be
protected unconditionally. Immigration laws must be enforced uniformly and
employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants must be penalized. I will
work to end federal tax benefits for illegal immigrants.

The American tax system is broken and favors the wealthy. I will push to
simplify the tax code in a way that will provide equitable taxation for
working families.

Executive Director for Severus Worldwide
~ Founded organization in an effort to revitalize medical facilities
in Iraq, created program structure, established relationships with doctors
in Iraq to assess needs, directed fundraising efforts

Executive Vice President for Iraq War Veterans Organization
~ Led recruiting efforts, established and maintained programs for
Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, advocated on veterans behalf to the Veteran
Administration and Congress, led fight against veterans being labeled with
personality or adjustment disorders vice post-traumatic stress disorder

Kentucky Director for the Order of the Silver Rose
~ Led statewide efforts to gain awareness for veterans who have been
inflicted by Agent Orange diseases and ailments

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